Mobile Makeup in Perth

BEAUTY 101…prepping for your makeup appointment.


Having clean, clear skin as a canvas to begin your makeup application is a must! It will help your base makeup sit well on your skin and create an overall more perfected finish. I would suggest using an exfoliator twice a week leading up to your appointment to buff away dead skin and dullness. It’s also vital to drink plenty of water so your skin is as naturally glowy as possible.


Your natural brow shape helps to frame your face and lift the whole eye area when it’s done right. I always recommend having a brow wax and shape done a few days before your appointment with me to get the most out of your features. It’s also a good idea to get any facial hair such as lip hair or chin hair under control.


If you’re a regular tanner chances are you will probably have one planned for your event! We all know how a tan can make us suit more colours, look more toned and make us feel more confident. However if you’re not a keen tanner, stick to what you know and embrace your porcelain skin..whatever works to make you feel the most glamorous!